MAJOR! Stylo Fashion Festival Grand Prix Kuala Lumpur 2011

STYLO had returned for the forth year on 2th of April with a whole week festival to support the Malaysian Formula 1 Grand Prix.  This year’s festival themed “Fashion Theatre”  will be held in three different locations, one of which is a secret location housed at a post World War II. The building will be transformed into “The Scarlet Theatre’ to host STYLO’s this year's.
  It was featured alongside its curtains go up with the unveiling of the inaugural STYLO Fashion Ball.An evening for the “be seen” to be seen, it is touted to be the ball of the year with supermodels, fashionistas, socialites and F1 drivers expected to grace the red carpet. . This year's  STYLO showcasing London Fashion Week’s emerging designers Ara Jo who has designed for Lady Gaga, Jamelia and Leona Lewis to name a few. International artist Rain's will do the opening for this big event. This year  Emerging Designers Competition featuring a green theme “Paper Dress” to send out the message of Environment Awareness, designer will use recycle material to do their design from fabrics to papers.

Wondering where is the secret location?  could it be.. 
Pudu Jail
Pudu Prison aerial view

The Historical Sultan Abdul Samad Building opposite Merdeka Square in Kuala Lumpur  

KTM Building Headquarters of the Malayan Railway.

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