Last quarter incumbent Dior creative director Raf Simons Jil Sander 2012 autumn and winter Men series launched the world's most expensive brown paper bags (as inspiration of the Vasari Bag) fashion critics believe that only a fool would spend a lot of money to buy such things, the reality this is really a lot. Although environmental protection is a trend, but never thought environmental combine fashion so expensive, people did not expect this brown paper bags you need to spend £ 185 to buy (about RM915). The Jil Sander conceived the idea of a more avant-garde, only gold stitching and two venting hole, plus Jil Sander black font printed material at the bottom of the package shall just 100% of coated paper, and does not support waterproof function Since its launch after selling worldwide, LN-CC and Jil Sander official shop inventory is sold out, so that it had to supply support requests to outside retailers. Whether Jil Sander has set off a wave of brown paper bags? Or that this is the fans cheer for the last quarter of Raf Simons of Jil Sander?

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