My travel spirit are real! Enjoy the culture, the foods and the people.
Total 18 students - Rae Ping was sick so she couldn't join us. While Olin's busy with her shoes business. Our hunky Maxx's are in relationship. Jia Yin announced she getting marry next year! Yuenz's maybe further her study in UK. Joy working part-time at Zara for 4months and plan to leave to Singapore. Ah Kian going back to his previous company and make it big. Cherrie with her boyfriend :). Angie have to serve another 9days to finish her internship. Some of us havent had out plan yet. Do keep me posted :)
Travel with me thru the lens!
The famour Kerang Rebus located nearto Madam King (alley)

Jonker Walk Night Life's

Q'ing for Omelette oyster 
Japanese Porn Star VS Nerdy Student
love in the air
A traditional Nyonya Cuisine in Melaka - Nyonya Suan Restaurant
Layers Cake - Berry Berry Strawberry, Double Chocolate, Rum.... bla bla bla
 INSEP Graduated 2012

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