Lady Shoes Category

the designer say it was a rose but i think it look like Cotton Candy... very cute tho

oriental clog sandal, seriously this look much like Chinese prayer thingy

Tropical Fruit inspiring boot - which is your favorite?
Heelless feather open toe pump

brownie boot - structured & embroidered 

Voodoo heel, 3D effect on the surface on the shoes

Funky cropped shoe - i like this lot...  it was fun

1 of my favorite - the upper of the boot can transform into a corset

Skeleton Boot - well this 1 has put lot on the boot

The Lego boot - you can add or remove the platform, to reach your ideal height "I like the idea" 
Oceanic - can you see the mermaid heel? Insane, but i really hate the brown piping too... 
Men Shoes Category
I would love to have a pair of this in-black!

Leading innovation - Futuristic sandal, against the gravity and the lightness... Awesome!

I remember some1 was talking about the inspiration of this shoe... "Dinosaur falling from the sky?!"

many of these shoes are made by the students their own...

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