No extravagant set up, no runway , no loud music, no lighting. the music are played by a mini CD player. Even half of the models are not professional models. when you see the photo, models in black are the survival of breast cancer and the bold lady is still doin her treatment. When i first thought of exhibition,it gonna be just a standard tribute to his work but how intensely personal it was. Little that i know the exhibition is full with emotional, courage and passion... During the presentation Bremen talk about how he got all started from a bazaar selling his hand-made accessories. When he mention the most important person in his live's which is his mom, who supported him along the way. Bremen got so emotional and he start to cry... well even Cris Yong sitting next to me, feel like crying... oh my... the whole room like getting abit emotional... Bremen invited some of his friends and people who play a important role in his life's to talk about him. Well he even invited his first customer who bought his creation to the exhibition... i'm so honor to be there, the exhibition have nothing to do with the glamour, all the real glamour was the meaning behind every piece of art... and this is the Truth of Bremen Wong

Bremen Wong are now exhibiting his headgear at National Textile Museum Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Remember to drop-by when you're visiting Kuala Lumpur, entrance free.

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