hair and make-up

Joe Flizzow


dancer from team SALUTION doing her final touch up. she is the only gal in the team.. impress...

make-up team from Snips

StevenSunny doing his magic on Maple Loo

the crowd come to support their favorite dancing team

the show about to start

contestant are all waiting at backstage for their time to perform.

Last night, is the first night of 8TV SHOWDOWN DANCING COMPETITION LIVE from I-CITY. i was there in the backstage helping as dresser. We have 12-team total 72 contestant we need to style and only 3person to do the work... lolx... This is the hardest job i ever did in my entire life so far!!! so DAMN BUSY!
The show live from every Wednesday night 9.30 on 8TV, 12 team are battle to win RM50,000 of prizes and cash... every night the team who got the lowest vote will be send home and last night the first time that leave the competition is E.G.S 136.. keep it up guys. it wasn't a easiest thing to get into final 12... good luck to them.

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