i dunno why? but lately i just can't help myself and in love with nylon bags. and i have a few pieces that i like and wanted to have and i must need to get 1 before i can get over them... what you guys think??
chanel cocoon - price estimate RM6-7k (large) and i saw 1 at Glampot Boutique pre-owned designer bag selling RM4999. what do you think??

Marc by Marc Jacobs 
Marc by Marc Jacobs i can't find the 1 in nylon but they have it in Pavilion store only RM1190!!! i think this is the only bag i can afford right now. already in my list just waiting for timing to get it.. haha.. i hope BagBrag had something to say about my choice give me some opinion k?? hehe

YSL Easy - i remember the first time i saw this in pavilion i was like.. "awww".. my ex almost bought this for me but thanks god i hold back and control myself cause after few month we break already.. yea... well this lovely baby cost RM4k in malaysia but i check online US Dolar $998 - RM3000 only!! such a huge different.. 

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