this 1ringgit coin is for Bank Negara Malaysia opened 20years

this 50sen is very special it has Queen Elizabeth The Second on it...
this is the back

my grandma antique watch

i found this watch from my grandmother treasure woodbox whr she keep all her clothes, after she pass away many years ago or before she pass away i like to "hunt" my family stuff lolx. the box is lock and our home alway have alot keys dont even from where? so i tried everything at home with key hole... finally i open it and i found another box! but thank God this 1 doesnt had a lock" hehe "an old chocolate box". when i try to take it out it heavy "wow" though i found a box full of gold  " i wish".... my lord... lolx. but still inside are all treasure an antique watch from NOREXA and amazingly it still can use. that the good thing about antique, such a good quality, what so heavy inside.. it all coin those antique one la... so i took some picture to share with you guys...

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